Religious Views

On this page we give an overview of the religious views held by the administrator of this website and the reason why you may see references to a higher power from time to time.

Firstly, like many, I believe in God.  The reason why is too long to enter into discussion here, but I do, and very deeply.  At first I wanted to leave all religious references out of this website, but I realised that I would be denying myself and my principles and the God who lives within me.

Secondly, my belief in God is different from most ‘religious’ folk.  I believe that God is universal, but religion, geographical.  I have read the Holy Bible (KJV) from cover to cover (it took me five years; it’s a hard read; rather boring in many parts, but I’m glad I did and plan to do it again).  I have also read the New Testament (KJV) at least three times (much shorter and not so hard to read) and loved it, especially the Gospels (you’ve got to admit, JC is one cool dude, and whether he really existed or not, his example is worthy of emulation).  I have read a short, English translated version of the Bhagavad Gita (once only – I hope to read more detailed copies as well as the Ramayna and the Mahabharta, even the Vedas, if I am lucky at some point).  I have started the Book of Mormon, did not get very far, but hope to complete it one day – though not a priority at the moment.  I am currently reading an English translation of the Quran and I must admit, I love it.  If I had the time, I would love to learn Arabic so I could read it as Allah intended.

With all this said, most of my references to God and spirituality take a Biblical slant simply because I was born a Presbyterian and know the Christian faith more than any other even though I respect them all and truly believe that most scripture was inspired by God.   I believe God continues to inspire many who write and compose and I value their works no less than the Good Book (take a real good listen to Stairway to Heaven and when you’re finished contact me).  I do not judge agnostics or atheists or people of any other faith.  All I know is that my God is a god of togetherness, not division, all he requires of us is kindness; to help those who cannot help themselves; to temper our greed and lust; to fulfill our responsibilities to our fellow man, our parents, our spouses and our children…

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