This page was set up to provide quick answers to many regular queries you may have about homeschooling in Trinidad and Tobago. If you have questions not answered here or elsewhere on the site, please submit them via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

How would my children get into a profession if they are home schooled?
One of the goals of the type of homeschooling discussed here is letting children direct their own careers, not in keeping them out of universitity. Rather, it may get them into university faster and with a better sense of direction than if they had gone to conventional schools. But what about the SEA? Children do not need SEA to get into university. What they need are O’levels, A’Levels, CXC, CAPE (ugh!), Grades 12 /13, SATs, etc. If you’re worrying about scholarships. You can get them into school, just when it’s right. They’d be more mature, focus better and they won’t be suffering from the ‘burn out’ like so many of their peers. Chances is are they would score higher than their counterparts of equal ability.

Is Home Schooling legal in Trinidad and Tobago?
With respect to the letter of the law, that’s debatable. However, compulsory education laws were meant to prevent the neglect of a child’s education, not to force parents to put their child in any institution. So as far as the spirit of the law is concerned, you judge for yourself.

Is there a network of home schoolers in Trinidad and Tobago?
We currently do not know of any network of home schoolers, with the exception of one in the Trinicity /Tacarigua Area which meets of Fridays to do all sorts of wonderful things. The problem is that it is sort of closed. This is one of the reasons for setting up this site. Contact Us if you are interested.

What level of education do I need to homeschool my children?
The home schooling approach we use here is one of guidance and knowing where to look for answers rather than knowing everything that you ‘teach’ you child. A really involved parent would let it be a learning experience for both of you. Still, seeing that this is a question that cannot be answered in a paragraph, an article would soon be dedicated to it. I will list it here when it is drafted.

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