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Many parents to whom I have spoken say they would not mind homeschooling their children if it were not the benefits of peer socialization gained in schools.  “How else are they to learn how to get along with others”?  seems to be … Continue reading

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Can I be a home schooler?

So you’re wondering if educating your child at home is right for you.  This depends on a lot of factors, some of which are: your relationship with your child; your relationship with the child’s other parent (married or otherwise); your … Continue reading

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The Truth about Curricula

The truth about school curricula is that the experts on education have no real idea what should or should not be on any particular curriculum.  Educators are really guessing when they include and exclude subject matter; when they change the style … Continue reading

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The basic problem with the ‘System’

As the title states, this article will touch briefly on the basic problem with our current education ‘System’.  I put the word system in quotes not to sound like a sixties’ left wing radical, but I have no idea what else to … Continue reading

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Teachers – their impact

As adults, we can remember many of our childhood teachers: some we admired, others we did not.   The reasons for our preferences remain myriad: from the way they handled the subject matter to the manner in which they approached us.  Regardless, our perceptions … Continue reading

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Teachers – who are they?

Ever consider who are the people that teach your children?  I don’t mean as individuals, but who teachers really are - philosophically ?  As individuals, teaching probably has a mish-mash of personalities like any other profession with good and bad traits, after all, nobody is … Continue reading

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Topics Discussed

This page lists topics discussed here, on Homeschooling – Trinidad and Tobago, in a basic web ‘Blog’ format.  The articles or ‘Posts’ are arranged here in chronological order with the most recent at the top just below this text.  Each article or Post … Continue reading

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